Peter Roberts

1st Dan Instructor

I started my never ending journey in Aikido in August of 2000 and was lucky enough to find the Taidokan Yoshinkan  club in Watford. I have trained there with Sensei Yates ever since, and when possible visit Sensei Hall’s club in Milton Keynes.
I been very fortunate in attending numerous Yoshinkan events around the world including Germany, France and New Zealand.

Wherever I have practiced Aikido I have always met with fantastic like minded, friendly people.

When you train with the Taidokan you become part of a family where all are on the same path of self improvement, be it to learn ways to defend oneself (or others if necessary), get fit, gain confidence, learn the spiritual path that Aikido can take you on, or all of the above.

I train most Mondays and Fridays at Watford so I’ll look forward to seeing you on the Mat.

Peter Roberts